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Website Design and Build

The Geoscience in Canada / Géoscientifiques au Canada website and self-assessment tool was custom designed and programmed by the team at Meta Strategies in 2019. Structure and logic was developed in consultation with the Geoscience In Canada Working Group.

Project Management & Writing:  Keith Johnson (KJ Consulting)

Programming: Barry Veerkamp

Design & Video: Michelle Gay 

French translation: Laurel Toews

Photo Credits

Landing page slide show images courtesy of:

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  • Fatima Rabeea. “snowscape”. (nd). 
  • Fatima Rabeea “cliffs – Australia”. (nd). 
  • John C Clague. Supra-glacial stream. Black rapids glacier. 2007. 

Ready to become a P.Geo.?

Brent Ward. Boulder hunting. 2015. 

Learn from Others

Hamid Mumin. Byron silver king. 2008. 

Coming to Canada

Guy Dugas. Pixabay. Ashby Lake, Ontario. Retrieved 2019.

Why Canada?

Steve Owst. Canada - Vancouver skyline. Pixabay. Retrieved 2019.

Working and Immigrating

TookaPic. Canadian Passport. Pixabay. Retrieved 2019.

Regulated Professions in Canada

RawPixel. “People holding cards”. Pixabay. Retrieved 2019.

Help through Micro Loans

Bruce Broster. “Photographing rock”. (Fs2008 DSC02987). 2008.

Settlement Support

Brent Ward. Laser scanning in Peru. 2018. 

Prearrival Services

Hamid Mumin. Surveying Drill Holes. 2008. 

Geoscience in Canada

Brent Ward. Pillow lava. 2009. 

Brent Ward. Yukon-2007-tincup-Helicopter on mountain top. 2007. 

Job Market

Hamid Mumin. Echo Bay K2. 2005.

Getting Your Licence

Cesar Esmas. “Geoscientists in deep excavation”. (n.d.).

P.Geo. requirements

Brent Ward. Fieldschool. 2014. 

Academic Training

Hamid Mumin. Silver King Gold Rich Sample #4 Adit 012. 2008.                           

Work Experience

Colin Parkinson, P.Geo. “Underground work with digger”. (nd).

Language Proficiency

Janis Dale. Soil sampling in a canola field, McKillop Twp Saskatchewan. 2015.

Canadian Experience

Bruce Broster. Field School. 2018. 

Maintaining a License

Brent Ward. Ore-zone, Howards-Pass, Eastern-Yukon. 2009.



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