Considering work as a geoscientist in Canada?

Whether educated in Canada or in another country, this site is for you! It contains lots of information on getting licensed in Canada as a professional geoscientist. Plus, there is a tool that allows you to do your own preliminary assessment of your training and your experience as a geoscientist compared with typical Canadian professional registration requirements.


What is a Geoscientist?

Geoscientist is the general term used in Canada to describe all types of earth scientists, including: geologist, geophysicist and environmental geoscientist (such as geochemist, hydrogeologist and those working on geohazards), plus the many other sub-disciplines of our profession. 


Geoscience is a Regulated Profession in Canada.

It is important to know that geoscience is a regulated profession in Canada. This means you must, by law, register as a P.Geo. (Professional Geoscientist) and get your P.Geo. licence from the professional regulator in the Canadian province or territory in which you work – this means first being assessed and accepted!


Geoscience is Multidisciplinary and Global.

In Canada, geoscientists work in a variety of disciplines serving the many needs of society. Canada has a large, vibrant and globally connected geoscience community. Geoscientists from Canada work all over the world and collaborate with geoscientists in many other countries. At the same time, geoscientists from many other countries come to Canada and have successful careers here; others continue to join them every year - either temporarily or long term as immigrants.


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